BCA || What is BCA Salary ?



BCA || What is BCA Salary

Bachelors’ in Computer Application (BCA)

 What is BCA ( Bachelors’ in Computer Application)? 

BCA basically is an undergraduate degree course in computer applications. BCA is a famous and most popular course. After the 12th class, you can study. BCA is an IT-related profession. There is primarily focused on computer hardware and networking—this Degree is just for basic level entry into the IT industry. BCA is three years degree. After the BCA, you can get admission into the pro level. Like software, networks, and other developing professions.


If you passed out 12 of the class then you can admission to BCA. there is nothing any marks recured in the 12th class. Just you need to pass out on 12th classes at your respective school or college. no backlog on active 12 of the class. some college is conducting entrance exams. there are a lot of colleges that are not taking any exams. without you can get admission to BCA college. Sometimes some collage is busily verifying what subject you have. they are very your 12th class subject. because when you admission to BCA college you have math and English subject, so if you are not strong in math or calculation then you are facing some problems on the BCA journey. there is no minimum number of persistence in your 12th class, so don’t worry. But some you have passed a number.

BCA ( Bachelors’ in Computer Application ) Admission and fee

In BCA, admission fees depend on the college. Some college admission fees are 1.5 lac to 3lac, and some college fe are 4 lac to 7 lac. So it depends on your place and college.

If you are interested in BCA, then easily contact college a. We are providing some best college administrative numbers in this post.


Courses & Duration

BCA is basically 3-4 years depending upon the university.


BCA ( Bachelor of Computer Applications ) is one of the most famous and most related computer courses after the 12th Class. It imparts extensive knowledge in Computer Fundamentals, Programming Languages, Database Systems, Information Security, and Web Development in three years.

We are already posted regarding the BCA complete subject. You can click here and visit that post and read the post very carefully. We hope your all query solve on that post. If you still have any questions, then you can command our position. Now we are moving to our next topic.

Click here and check BCA subjects 1st year.


During this duration, you learn the computer program languages C and C++.


Total six semesters in BCA. BCA 1st to last semester subject very form collage, but some topics are most common all the collage. So e am sharing with you the domain or mostly common issue. If you are looking for a BCA syllabus, you are right. If you read the full article, then probably be clear about that BCA complete syllabus.

How many subjects are in BCA?

In BCA, the total subject is primarily dependent on college and university. We are provided with a list of the subject name.

Subjects Covered

Fundamentals of Computers (basic to a little bit advanced)

C Programming

Operating Systems ( Windows, Linux ) 

Multimedia Systems

Data and Database Management Systems

Web-Based Application Development

Computer Lab and Practical Work ( project ) 

What is BCA salary

After BCA, your Complete salary depends on many factors such as specialization, your job location, your Total Skill experience etc. It’s dependent upon your skill and experience. If you pursue BCA from good colleges and a good university, you can receive job opportunities up to 7 lac. After BCA is complete average BCA job salary of a graduate is INR 3.7 LPA.

BCA jobs list
  1. Web Designer ( Front End and Back End Designer )
  2. Software Developer
  3. System Engineer
  4. Database Admistitor ( admin )
  5. App Developer ( android or mac )
  6. Computer Networking Engineer
  7. Computer Programmer
  8. Technicial Engineer
  9. Software Engineer
  10. Data Operator Engineer
  11. Network Engineer
  12. Software Tester Engineer
  13. Digital Marketing Engineer
  14. Web Programmer
  15. Database Manager
  16. Web Administrator
  17. IT  Engineer
  18. Technical Support or Dask support 
  19. Tech Support Engineer
  20. Cyber Security Expart


BCA review?

We are took to many BCA pass out BCA students, and then we are doing this review. So don’t worry. This review is genuine. 

1st of all there is a most famous and popular course, BCA. There are a lot of students joining this BCA every year. This is a fundamental step if you want to become a professional programmer and developer. You can create an Entry on coding life. In BCA, you know a primary computer language and how to write a program. How to create a small software. 

After passing out, the BCA student chose the proposal career. There are a lot of career options.

  1. digital Marketing 
  2. Software developer 
  3. Web Developer 
  4. app developer 
  5. Computer Networking 
  6. Computer Hardworking 
  7. Networking security experts 
  8. SEO expert 
  9. Computer Hardworking 
  10. Software testing expert 
  11. computer programmer 
  12. CCNA 
  13. CCNP 
  14. Cyber Security Expert 
  15. Data scientist
BCA top recruiters  ( BCA job opportunities )

There are a lot of IT recruiters, and it depends on your pieces of knowledge and your expertise. Still, we are taking some names of the top and most favorite MNC. Google, TCS, HCL, Microsoft, Wipro Etc. 

They are offered after a BCA job salary package stating 4 lac up to 10 lac as per your experience. They provide excellent positions and top job profiles, computer programmer, software developer ,networking Engineer, and Digital Marketing Expert. After completing their BCA course, all the BCA students can apply, and no doubt, you need to pass out with your best quality numbers. If you want a good salary, you can join an advanced programming course. 

After BCA, you can join…

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. CCNA 
  3. N+
  4. Web Development 
  5. font End Developer 
  6. Back end Developer 
  7. SEO
  8. PHp
  9. C++
  10. python 
  11. app development



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