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BCA Subject list: 1st of all, BCA is the most popular and vital course after 12th or high secondary education. You will make a professional life in computer programming or other fields. There is a lot of punitive after you complete your BCA. This BCA program is a computer subject. If you like computer subjects, this is a perfect choice. You can learn the basics to advance on the computer—our post on the BCA Subject list. Today our essential topic is what is the subject in the BCA syllabus. We are discussing this in details in this post. We hope this post is helpful for you. 

1st of all, we are learning the BCA syllabus in details. It is a must to know what are the subjects in this particular course or stream. BCA course syllabus covers the whole BCA subject from essential to a high level. . English for professional and environmental for basic. BCA 2nd and three semesters, you have 2 or 3 projects.


In BCA Subjects Covered ||  BCA Subject list 


BCA syllabus is into some parts.

    1. Fundamentals of computer ( In this topic, you learn what is fundamentals of a computer are and how to work computer and computer fundamental parts. like input and output device, computer CPU, and Motherboard ) 
    2.  Basic mathematics ( this math is essential for science subjects) 
    3. Operating system ( In this topic, what is a computer operating system and how to work an operation system ( OS ). How many OS are available. Which OS is best for you. Particular Operating system working process. the basic command for OS Etc ) 
    4. Advanced C language and programming ( what is C and basic C program you learn this topic ) 
    5. DBMS ( how to work DBMS and how to manage a DBMS )
    6.  Software engineering. ( Software Engineering is the best part of BCA. If you want to join a core programmer, this topic intersects. You learn how to make a software particular language or coding. Dot miss out on this topic. This subject is one primary role for a developer or software engineer ) 
    7.  Java program and Python. ( In this topic, you know what computer program language is and how many types of computer languages are, and how to work. This one is important if you want to become a developer or software engineer.

These subjects divide into six semesters as the entire course will complete in 3 years.

BCA 1st year 

1st of all , In the first year, it covers all the basic to moderate and conceptual subjects already studied in the 12th standard. There are two semesters, semester-I and semester-II. We are providing a list that mostly follows all the colleges. those subject


BCA semester-I contains the topics that are 

Fundamentals of IT and computers

communicative English

Basic Discrete Mathematics 

Computer Programming in C

Introduction to computer and Digital electronics

Computer labs in C.

BCA Semester-II subjects || BCA Subject list 


BCA Semester-II covers the theoretical and practical types of subjects.

Theoretical subjects are Computer Architectures,

Operating System and Fundamentals

Advanced concept of C language

Data Manipulation and Analysis.

Practical subjects are Advanced C programming labs and advanced programming for solving problems.

And the GE(Generic Elective) subjects like Advanced mathematics and other topics are included in this semester-II.



 We are describing BCA 1st years Subject. This brief discussion will be helpful for the students.

Fundamentals of IT and Computers

Most importantly, students can understand the topics on the definition of computer and introduce different types of computer terms and their discussions. What are computers? Block Diagram, computer languages, computer generation, the operating system concept, windows, Basic elements of communication system, Internet, Network topologies.

Computer programming in C

BCA 1st year subjects in details

Next thing , Most students have a fear, and they can not understand the c programming.  This paper introduces some simple topics about computer programming with c. these are
C Basics
Functions of C
structure of C
logics of a problem and structured library function.
Introduction to the computer
this subject introduces the computer. it learns us
Types of computers
Function of computers
Hardware and software
Input and output devices
Basic computer architecture
number system
Digital Electronics
Digital electronics subject helps to know the basic concepts of functioning of a computer. It contains
The use of Boolean algebra
Logic gates system
calculation in a different type of number system.
communicative English
This topic is a part of communication skills. A student can learn.
The concepts and Fundamentals of communication
Oral communication in English
written communication in English
Discrete Mathematics
It is  a part of Generic Elective(GE) subjects. Here we learn some 12th standard math’s. Like
Straight Lines
Complex Numbers
Three Dimensional Geometry
Trigonometric functions.
Computer Architecture
Computer architecture is an essential paper in the second semester. We can know the components of a computer and the functionality from here. Students can understand the participation of architecture in the multiprocessing system.

Hey, do you know?

That in Semester II, only the computer architecture is not enough.  Operating system and Fundamentals are  an essential subject for students.It covers a considerable part of the BCA course syllabus.
you need to know about this helpful subject.
Now you are thinking, what is the operating system?
Don’t worry. We are explaining the subjects .

Operating system and Fundamentals

An operating system is an essential component of a computer system program. It manages the resources and works as a medium between application programs and the hardware. It controls Communication, managing files, managing the computer’s memory, etc.
In this way, we have discussed all the main topics one by one.

Ok, let’s start our more discussion.

Advanced concept of C language

Here we will know some advanced topics in the C language.
Pointer in C-definition
The array of the Pointer
Dynamic Memory Allocation
Pointers and function
the concept of Database in C
single linked list
searching and their applications.

Data manipulation and analysis

This paper introduces how to manage a date. Definition of database and concept of the Database management system, the concept of SQL.
Next, we have discussed advanced Mathematics. It is a part of Generic Elective(GE) subjects. You must know about GE. There are different types of topics, and most of the students choose Mathematics. Now You are thinking that why is this?
I hope you know
Mathematics connects with your future. You find your lot behind in the computer-related fields, you must know that discovering the computer is starting to solve the Mathematical calculation quickly. The computer has made with Mathematical logic. Without math subjects BCA course is incomplete. We are discussing the topics of advanced Mathematics subjects now.

Advanced Mathematics
Set theory
Matrix and Determinant
Theory of equation
Group and field
Functionality of equation

Principles of management

This paper is  a part of the Generic Elective course. It introduces
The concept of management,
Principles and theories of Management,
Concept of planning and organization with their process,
Directing and controlling etc.

There we have discussed more things about the generic Elective course and Communication skill course.

BCA 2nd year subjects || BCA Subject list 


The 2nd year covers some valuable subjects. Those topics are very important for the student’s future education.
We can learn the conceptual topics . 2nd year introduces everything deeply. 2nd year has two semesters.
Semester III and Semester IV.

BCA semester III subjects


There are the most helpful papers in the BCA semester III.
Data structures
Database management system
Object-oriented programming using C++
Front end design tool (V.B Net)
optimization techniques
Artificial Intelligence(I.A)
Personality Development course.
These include in this paper.

If you want what it is BCA, please click here and visit our post.

BCA semester IV subjects

This semester you can learn some important topics.
Web technologies and Designing
Java programming
Introduction to Linux
Software Engineering
and as a Generic Elective & SEC course
Data Warehousing
Mobile Computing
Cyber Security Laws etc.

BCA 2nd year subjects in details

We describe all the main BCA 2nd year courses in details. I hope you will become helpful with this.Don’t avoid it.
Database Management System(DBMS)
DBMS is the most common and vital course for a
BCA student. This course can deeply learn data structure, arrays, lists, and trees, and it will help develop skills in the database for implementing the database application.

Data Structures

The data structure is a core course, and this paper helps to understand the importance of data structures in the whole database system.
Object-oriented programming using C++
The core course of object-oriented programming helps introduce the object-oriented approach and the procedures of features.
Introduction and use of C++ programming
Classes and objects etc.

Front end design tool(V.B. Net)

Students can learn
Introduction to Dot Net
Dot Net architecture and features
Introduction to visual basic dot Net IDE
Control flow system
V.B. dot Net programming language
GUI programming
Object-oriented features etc.

Optimization techniques

Techniques of optimization course is a part of the G.E. subjects. This paper helps to know the
Measures of Central Tendency & Dispersion(graphic presentation of frequency distribution, measures of variation etc.)
Linear Programming & Queuing.

Artificial Intelligence(I.A.)

I.A. is a part of the skill
enhancement(SEC) course. In this course, a student can improve their judgment.
It helps to understand the
Introduction to A.I.
Importance of A.I.
A.I. and its related field
A.I. techniques.

problem space and search.
Knowledge representation
Using logic (Represent ting Simple Facts in a sense)
Expert System (Introduction, Representing utilizing domain-specific knowledge).

Personality development course
Personality is essential in our lives, and it may describe your character.

Web technologies and Designing

what are web technologies?
I hope you have thought of some very complicated things.
You can search for many things on your mobile phone in your daily life. You visit many websites. All of these parts of the web technologies. This paper describes the Internet and the World Wide Web,
Search Engines,
E-mail and its
Protocols, Web Portal, Browsers and their versions,
Portals etc.


Java programming

Java is a popular programming language among programmers. It is helpful for the BCA students. Here you will get an introduction to java,
Data types,
control statements,
Classes methods,
constructors in java.
Software Development using Java etc.

Introduction to LINUX

Linux is an operating system. This paper includes the uses of the Linux operating system and how it works.

Cyber Security Laws
After the spread of the Internet and its uses, we need the terms of cyber security and its laws. This skill development course teaches Information Security,
Cyber Crime and International Information Act & IT Act,
Information Literacy,
Network Literacy etc.

Next, we will discuss the 3rd-year subjects. After this year, you will complete the BCA course correctly, and you will be able to take all the beautiful chances and be a graduate. If you want, you can go for higher education.

BCA 3rd year subjects

In BCA, there are two semesters. We will cover all the other subjects Within those semesters.
Semester V and Semester VI.

BCA semester V subjects

In this semester, the included subjects are
Computer Networks,
Software Engineering,
Multimedia and its applications,
IT project management,
Advanced network technology etc.

BCA semester VI subjects

Web programming(PHP),
Computer graphics and Animation,
System analysis and Designing,
E-learning Technologies These subjects include semester VI.

BCA 3rd year subjects in details

Computer Networks

The main motive of this paper is to tell us about the computer network and its functionality. Here included topics are
topology and categories of networks,
Transmission Media,
Data Link control protocols,
Devices etc.

2nd part Software Engineering

The core course of software engineering taught us the whole concept.
Introduction to Software (process, characteristics and crisis)
Software (Design, Testing, Management) etc.
Multimedia and its application
A student can learn The use of editing and animation tools. In this paper included topics are
Multimedia-Hardware and Software,
Editing Media elements,
Multimedia and the Internet etc.


Web programming(PHP)

In we Programming, you learn Introduction to web applications and how to create a small website application.
you can learn the basic Introduction to PHP and its fundamentals of working with files. If you know more the, you can join an advanced course.


now,Computer Graphics and Animation

This vital paper helps to teach us to create objects through 3d models,
Editing objects,
Building complex objects and scene management,
Creating Animation and its particles etc.

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