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Computer and its effects on our daily life

Computer and its effects on our daily life

Today, the Computer has become a necessary thing in this digital world. Somehow, we connect digitally every day, directly or indirectly. So even a little bit of our daily life has been affected by the Computer.
Before discussing the effects of the Computer, we need to know some essential facts about computers, like “what is the computer?”

First, What is a computer?
The term Computer comes from the word “compute,” which is in the Greek language. To do the calculation is the meaning of “compute.” So it is clear that the Computer is nothing; it is only an electronic device for calculating. It can figure in an electronic process very fast. But now the modern computers can do different types of work. It can store data for a long time. It takes instructions and processes them sequentially.
Secondly, for which purpose is the Computer discovered?

Nowadays, we can do complex things with a computer, but This process is not in one day. At first, the Computer is discovering for simple calculations. Slowly our computer science has developed the Computer to perform many complex things. As a result, the revolution of computers has changed our life.

Computer and its effects on our daily life

Now, we will talk about the effects of computers on our daily life. The computer is such a device which spread out over the world. Computers have connected with the network. Therefore every sector tries to rely on computers. In this way, the laptop affects most people directly.
Effects on students’ computers
Have some beneficial things in a student’s life. In this digital community, a student must know basic computer knowledge because the computer can become a subject in itself. It can give the students a lot of study material and gain understanding or information about their studies. A student can access a variety of thoughts about their lessons. So, every school must have a subject of computer knowledge. We know Everything has a good and bad side.
Therefore, on the one hand, it is helpful, but on the other hand, it is harmful to a student. Too much use of computers become unhealthy and start making irritating for a student. Doing dangerous computer-related things, like playing games, continuously distracts the student’s mind.

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